We like to make things simple


You Promote

Promote your store by sharing links to your friend, relatives and your networking. We do not have specific restrictions about how you do your promotion but make sure you do not spam and do not violate any local or federal laws.


You Earn

Get paid $10 for each item sold through your unique discount code. We do not have any caps, the more you sell the more you earn.


We Fulfill

After you close a sale, there is nothing else to worry about. We take care of order processing, fulfillment and customer service. It cannot be easier than that.

More Details

Before we begin your on boarding, you need to read the following terms and conditions. Please make sure you understand and agree with those terms before proceeding. The enrollment form is at the end of this document.

  1. After joining us, you will receive your own web page through which you will redirect your potential customers. You will also obtain a unique discount code which your client can use to get a discount and for us to track your sales.
  2. When an order is confirmed through your discount code, $10 (per item sold) will automatically be credited to your account. Example: if an order contains 5 items, you will be credited with $50 (5 x $10)
  3. You get paid on the last day of every month or the next business day. You can choose to receive your payment via PayPal or Interac eTransfer
  4. We follow a “Net 30” payment model. This means that revenue earned for a certain month will be paid on the last day of the following month. For example, you sold a total of 100 items in July, and hence got credited with $1000. Your July payment will then be transferred to your Bank/PayPal account on the 30th August. This delay allow adjustments of your account in case of potential return or refund from your customer.
  5. We do not charge anything to transfer your money, but PayPal and/or your bank account may charge a transaction fee. Interac is usually free of charge for the receiver while Paypal can have between 0 to 3.5% fees depending on your account type
  6. If a refund occurs after we already paid you for the corresponding pay period, the corresponding amount will be deducted on your next pay period
  7. While there is no minimum monthly sales target, we do require that you have accumulated at least $50 (5  sales) before we can process your payment. In case you are below the threshold for a specific pay period, your current balance will be carried over and added to the next pay period. Your balance never expires.
  8. You are responsible for declaring any revenue you made from us as income to the relevant revenue/tax authority such as CRA, IRS etc…
  9. All amounts are in Canadian Dollars
  10. We have a zero tolerance against spamming, unethical or illegal practices, including false claims, unsolicited mass mailing/sharing etc. We have processes in place to detect any misuse of our platform and if you get caught, you will be permanently banned from our system and all amount due will be forfeited.
  11. We require an administrative fee of $3 per month to keep your account active. You can cancel any time.
  12. You are allowed to use your discount code for personal purchase
  13. A more detailed terms and conditions, including our privacy policy can be found here. Those terms may occasionally be updated in which case all our members will be notified at least 30 days before the new terms are enforced.
If you agree with those terms and conditions, click the button below to continue. You will have further instructions on the next page.