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Nothing more embarrassing that walking around the gym with stains of sweat on the wrong places. Funny even. Everyone but you will see it and no one will say anything beside staring. Hahaha. Well until you check yourself in the mirror and that was it for your workout.C’EST FINI!!

Leggings for athletic wear and yoga practice are often labeled as quick-drying. However, many of us don’t really understand what this function really is.

Most workouts consist of high, medium and/or lower intense intervals in which most bodies perspiration increase and our bodies produce sweat. This sweat is usually absorbed by the based layer of cloths we are wearing. However, The ability of a pair of leggings to dry quickly depends on the materials and fabrics of which they are made.

Quick Dry sportswear leggings

Due to the high innovative advances in the sports apparel industry we can easily find leggings and other activewear with Dry-Tex technology that support our performance. Finding good quality fabrics is what makes the greatest difference.

Good quality Quick Dry technologies not only keeps your skin dry when sweating but benefit from moisture absorption (fast drying sweat) and prevents the growth of odor, bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. (ANTI-MICROBIAL)

But How Does Quick Dry Affect Performance?

Not only some us don’t want to be walking with stains of sweat in the wrong places. But our body temperature decreases increasing the conductive heat loss (the body’s heat transfers to wet garments much faster than to dry garments). This can be hazardous in very cold conditions or uncomfortable at more moderate temperatures or in windy weather. Easier for some us to catch a cold or other bacterial illnesses.

high waisted leggings

Also if your next-to-the-skin garments are wet, the friction between them and the skin increases rashes and causes discomfort; especially in the thighs and armpits. This can result in a decrease of workout effort or it can even ruin your entire workout.

Wet garments are also much heavier than dry clothes due to the water in their fibers. Some fabrics can be very absorbent and heavy garments are not just uncomfortable – they also impair your performance.

Best Dry-Tex Fabrics:

Most athletic leggings use polyester because of its moisture absorbent feature and quick dry technology. And polyester fibers can be very lightweight. However, it should be mixed with other fabrics to reduce odor. Merino Wool and nylon are other good textiles that can provide quick drying and lastly cotton.

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