During these tough times, we are offering you the opportunity to kickstart your own activewear business with barely any upfront cost. We take the risk, we do all the hard work and you only have to focus on making sales. So what do you get?

What’s the catch?

While the goal is to keep your cost as close to zero as possible, keeping the program completely free comes with some issues: some past¬† ‘partners’ just signed up for free out of curiosity, without any contribution. This has caused extra work (and cost) for us in terms of administrative overhead. We are a small team and just like you, we are trying to put some bread on the table. That is why we only ask a nominal fee of $3 per month.¬†As you can imagine, $3 is nowhere close enough to cover our administrative cost. But we figured that it is just enough to weed out the curious folks and keep only those who are serious about joining us.

What our partners say about us

You work hard but it’s so much fun!! The earning potential is limitless and it cost only $3 to get started. It’s hard to find customers at first, but after a while I had built a loyal group of repeat customers. Product quality and customer service certainly has something to do with the fact that people come back to purchase more. Chris, the owner is a sweetheart, he’s so easy to deal with and any concerns are addressed swiftly. For the 2 years I was with RedHotLeggings, they were only late with my payment once.

Claire D.

Halifax, Canada

I worked with RedHotLeggings since they started in 2018. I already have a full time job, and this is just some side income for me. Work your own hours, make as much money as you want, great support from the team and other franchisee, you have to work it to make money…..its not a get rich fast job but I did average between $1K-$2K monthly just by spending a few hours every night and the weekends. It takes time to build your customers but they are loyal to you.

Kirstin W. Everton

Toronto, Canada

So much support, leadership responds to & addresses all concerns, no limit for opportunity, amazing clothes. Also, they are not trying to snatch your life savings away from you, the worst you could ever lose is $3. Yes, three dollars. I really enjoyed my time with RedHotLeggings and wish I could have found more success. But let me be clear, I did not find success, because I just didn’t push that hard, and I got other priorities. Maybe I’ll jump in again one of those days… 

Kimberly Mason

Calgary, Canada