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About Us

Humm… And What Make Us Special? Feel the difference and you will understand what really differentiate us from the rest: Latest compression Sports wear fabrics in the market. Thick to the touch but light weight on the body.High-tech breathable fabrics and Performance fabric to enhances your workout.Comfortable Elastic in the back of the waistband for stability.Hand-picked anatomical […]

Function VS Performance

4-way stretch fabric can be found in most activewear products, but the foundation fabric that is used in our leggings is of the highest quality in the market. These leggings have a thicker feel at touch but the material’s quality have a lighter feel when wore. But what is 4-Way Stretch Fabric? The ability of a fabric to stretch from all […]

Quick Dry

Nothing more embarrassing that walking around the gym with stains of sweat on the wrong places. Funny even. Everyone but you will see it and no one will say anything beside staring. Hahaha. Well until you check yourself in the mirror and that was it for your workout.C’EST FINI!! Leggings for athletic wear and yoga practice are often labeled as quick-drying. However, many of us […]

Workout Leggings Are Not Just Yoga Pants

Leggings are usually associated with yoga pants, but most if not all workout stretchy pants can be used for all fitness activities. Now a days, leggings brands tent to only target yoga enthusiast since we have decided to make leggings synonyms of yoga pants. The well-known yoga pants are as functional as any other stretchy pants in the market. At the […]